Lifestyle Learning assists students in identifying (and preparing for) career paths that will sustain an independent lifestyle.

"This seems to be the forefront of a new wave of education - outside of school learning. This career goal program would dovetail perfectly."

– Juliet Jenkins – Physics Teacher

"I think you have an interesting approach that is not being met by many school programs."

– Pam Newberry – Curriculum Designer and Author

Music: "I would most definitely use this in the classroom! I've seen Lucy Caulkins math songs help students, I feel this would help more because you can listen by genre."

– K-4 Educator

Comic: "I would like to try the product because it encourages active reading and student engagement but it also cover Career Education which I also have a unit devoted."

– High School English Teacher in Fultondale, AL

App: "As a teacher of Middle School students, I am constantly looking for ways to make my students 'buy in' to thier education. This product would allow them to make choices and see what is really necessary for their future. It places some responsibility and choices on them."

– Educator and Parent

The Career Navideer® Career Readiness Application

The Career Navideer® application is an innovative “career” experience that focuses on the “what’s” in it for me” for young people.  It is a combination career assessment, career information database, online game and data repository.

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