Lifestyle Learning® Comics are a series of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) career comics for kids.

These comics are designed to expose students (and stimulate interest) to STEM careers in a non- threatening way. Each comic will focus on a STEM job and give some insight into what that job is like, what they would spend their days doing, and what kind of money they can make. Each story will show how a middle school kid became a STEM professional. There simply is no Career Technical Education content like it that focuses on STEM careers.

Meet David, Software Engineer

David, like most other middle school students, has no idea what he wants to be when he grows up. David is always messing around and fiddling with phones, calculators, and computers. His interests seem to be more on gadgets than actual studies and therefore throughout middle school and high school he gets tutored. The comic shows how he overcame a “shaky” beginning to become a Software Engineer.

Lifestyle Learning® Comics
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Curriculum Guide

Curriculum Guide

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"A great thing about this comic is that I can see girls interested in the story and learning about STEM careers that they might not otherwise have considered. Certainly a very nice way to get girls interested in these fields."

– patm99

"My kids get easily distracted. they would leave school books and read magazines or stories. Having those comic books will let them enjoy their passion and learn at the same time."

– female parent
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