What is Phone Life about?

Phone Life, A Teen Novel, Written by Paris Gamble

This novel is designed to expose students (and stimulate interest) to STEM careers in a non-threatening way.  This novel will focus on a STEM job and give some insight into what that job is like, what they would spend their days doing, and what kind of money they can make.  This story depicts how a student like David becomes a STEM professional.  There is simply no Career Technical Education content like it that focuses on STEM careers.

Meet the Novel and Premise

David, like most other students, has no idea what he wants to be when he grows up.  David is always messing around and fiddling with phones, calculators, and computers.

His interests seem to be more on gadgets than actual studies and therefore throughout middle school and high school he get tutored by a girl named Carlie.  What he didn’t realize was that if he just applied what knowledge he used with his gadgets and gizmos to everyday life, he would be just fine.

While being tutored by Carlie, he realizes he likes her but is too shy to say so.  Will David ever find out how he can better apply his unique skills toward his future?  Will he ever get the courage to tell Carlie how he feels?


“Phone Life” is a book for older tweens through young adults about coming of age, falling in love, and figuring out just what you want to do with life—it’s a wholesome read with the added benefit of providing solid career advice in a bonus chapter at the end of the story.

– saffromblossom

"An interesting read, an excellent idea for promoting the use of IT and people in general...the story is well written and you really understand the need for education and also the flexibility that is needed in modern life to actually get the qualifications and skills you need to become what you want."

– seonicked

"This is a delightful story and I absolutely loved it. It is the sweet romantic story of David and Carlie...It has a smooth and easy flow and was so easy to read, and impossible to put down. The resources at the end are a great touch and helpful in what a student needs to know to make their way to the career they seek."

– lilmissreader

"This sweet, romantic story tells about how David and Carlie first met in school...There are some bonus chapters that provide additional information on academic choices in middle and high school to help readers work towards a career in software engineering. I would recommend this to anyone with a teenager, especially a girl, who might be interested in learning about software engineering."

– Jessica Suave